January 15, 2020

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Confetti-Filled Hearts! #ValentinesDay

This Valentine's day go the candy free route and make some super cute Valentines that are sure to stand out!

To make these adorable confetti filled hearts you will need the following
  • Tracing paper  or wax paper
  • Colored paper
  • Yoobi Glitter Shapers
  • Wood Kabob Skewers
  • Yoobi markes
  • Need and thread
  • Yoobi glue
  • Yoobi scissors

You will need to use a scrap piece of paper to make a heart template and then cut two of the hearts out of the tracing paper!
Using the colored paper cut out any style feather for the arrow.  I made one in each color.   You will also need to cut out two triangles.  I once again did one in each color.

Glue a  skewer on top of a triangle  and then top it with the other triangle.

Use the black Yoobi  marker to write a Valentine  message on one of the paper hearts.
Holed the hearts together and hand-stitch all the way around with the red thread using a simple straight embroidery stitch. Leave a small section un-sewn  so you can fill the heart with the Yoobi Glitter Shapes. It is easier to fill if you roll a scrap piece of paper and make a funnel into the hole.  This will make it easy to fill the heart without a huge mess.   Then all you have to do is finish stitching and tying it off.

Gently push the empty end of the skewer into the heart, it is easiest to slide it in between stitches. Next glue the feathers onto the end.

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