April 6, 2018

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NEW Softsoap Hydra Bliss Hydrating Hand Soap

Disclosure: I received 2 bottles of Softsoap from Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes.

Have you ever thought that, with every hand wash comes a new beginning? With Softsoap, they are  about more than getting rid of dirt and grime but, celebrating washing as a moment of renewal, allowing each clean to prepare you for the new beginnings – big or small – throughout your day.

This past week was spring break and the family washed up with Softsoap every day this week.  Whether we were baking treats, going to soccer practice, working on upcoming school projects, our hands felt renewed and soft after each washing.    When you have kids it seems like you are washing your hands more often and making sure the kids do the same!

So whether it is after you bake red velvet cookie bars (think red hands) and chocolate chip cookie bars...

or helping your child with a painting project for school, Softsoap Hydra Bliss will revive and refresh your skin!   The hydrating formula retains your skin’s natural moisture, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth

  • Cucumber Water & Mint- Experience Softsoap Hydra Bliss hand soap in Cucumber Water & Mint. The hydrating formula helps retain your skin's natural moisture.
  • Coconut Water & Blueberry - Experience Softsoap Hydra Bliss hand soap. Feel refreshed and pampered with the rejuvenating scent of coconut water and blueberry. The hydrating formula helps retain your skin's natural moisture leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth
The rise in temperatures outside mean one thing, time to get out of your winter rut and start spring cleaning! While it feels good to clean up the house and get rid of clutter that accumulated over the colder months, don’t neglect your hands that will be doing all the cleaning!
Head over to Softsoap to check out the great selection of products they offer. This new lineup is at Walmart now!

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