August 5, 2015

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Tips for hosting the best "Home" Movie Night Ever Party #HomeMovieNight #HomeInsiders @FHEInsiders #spon

Celebrate family, friendship and fun in the surprise smash comedy hit of the year from the creators of How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek! In DreamWorks Animation’s HOME, Oh, a lovable misfit from another planet meets a girl named Tip. The two unlikely friends embark on the greatest journey of all time...the journey HOME.

We never got a chance to see this movie in the theaters, so it was perfect to host a family movie night and get some quality time with the kids before the hustle and bustle of sports and school starting up.  This is such a wonderful family film filled with morals, values, life lessons and an amazing storyline.  You will laugh and I warn you, you will cry.  My daughter shed happy and sad tears during this film! 

Earth is invaded by an alien race called the Boov and they relocate all humans to various communities. Tip  a super cute and intelligent girl and her cat (named Pig) are the only ones left behind.  While in search for her mom, she runs into outcast and fugitive Oh.  They join forces to find  Tip's mom and save the planet from being destroyed by another alien race.
Tips for hosting the best "Home" Movie Night Ever Party
  1. Plan ahead and don't break it. Make it a unplugged night., turn off cell phones and ban multitasking during the show.

  2. Pick the perfect movie, when you have kids make sure you choose age appropriate movies.  A perfect movie for any age is HOME.

  3. Food is a must!  Our go to family movie night food is pizza!  Nothing beats ordering a couple medium pizzas from Dominos for $5.99 each.  Two pizzas feds this family of four and gives us leftovers for lunch the next day.  Don't forget the popcorn either!  Can't have a movie night without popcorn!

  4. Make it a theme night. This can be simple or elaborate.  Since HOME features a car run by slushies, make it a slushie night! Order a Zoku Slush and Shake Maker on Amazon for about $18 and watch the kids have a blast creating their own slushie creation.  Make your own Grape Escape with grape juice, Busta Lime with a lemon/lime soda or Tangerine Twist with an orange soda or drink! It is a great way to have an interactive movie night!
  5. Don't let the movie end without talking about it!  Whether it is that night or the next day make sure to talk to the kids about what they watched and learned! This movie teaches kids that family isn't just a mom and dad.  Oh becomes family to Tip!   It also teaches kids to stand up for what they believe it.  There are so many great aspects of this movie that kids can learn from!

  6. Continue the evening with a dance party to the soundtrack or pop it into your CD player and jam to it as your eyes flutter shut!  The soundtrack  features a lot of Rihanna’s music.  “Towards The Sun” by Rihanna is a great track and featured in an important part of the movie. "Believe" is another track that your little Tweens will love!
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Oh's Party Planning Tips
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