December 2, 2013

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Week 3: Make the Swap! #SwapOne snack weekly for a delicious @Yoplait yogurt! #sp

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For most kids, having an after school snack while talking about their day at school is part of their daily routine, but why not opt for a smarter choice rather than cookies or chips?

Yoplait recently asked me  to pick one my family’s less nutritious snacks and swap it for a delicious Yoplait Original, and blog about the experience. 
November 28, 2013
Turkey day!  So of course this day was filled with great food, but while the kids were waiting they wanted a snack.  I made those yummy looking Pumpkin roll bars and of course the kids' eyes were glazed over wanting one.   I told the them we were not going to ruin our meal with a treat, so if they were hungry to grab a yogurt from the fridge! 

My daughter was hopeful for a pumpkin flavored yogurt and I had to disappoint her that I had not seen a Yoplait flavor that was pumpkin related.   So I opted for another orange yogurt instead... the orange creme flavored.  Or course I was curious and wanted to know if it really tasted like those frozen flavored treats from my youth... and it did not disappoint.

My daughter still felt like she was getting a treat, while I knew she was eating healthy!   The Orange Creme was a huge hit in the house and we will definitely be buying again!

Just the simple fact of switching out an unhealthy treat like Pumpkin Roll bars, cookies, chips, etc. to yogurt is not only great for the kids, but teaches them to eat healthy!

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  1. My daughter's favorite flavor is orange cream also. She also loves the Boston Cream Pie flavor.