December 2, 2013

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#Kindle - Once In A Lifetime: Fractured Fairy Tale Collection - $0.99 (4 full novels and other material)

Once In A Lifetime: Fractured Fairy Tale Collection  Kindle Price: $0.99

I have read the UnEnchanted Series and they are great!  At $.99 for so many books it it worth it to pick up on the Kindle!

Dive into 4 different worlds of fairy from four amazing authors of the genre.

Read about a descendant of the brothers Grimm fighting to break a curse, Snow White who craves blood, fairy tale creatures buried in dreams whose true stories are written in the book of sands, and a Captain Hook who's thirst for Peter's blood is more than the stories have made it out to be. Whether you're looking for sensual romance, nail-biting fantasy, a new and sexy Snow, or a mysterious curse, check out this amazing boxed set from four bestselling authors of twisted fairy tales.

4 Full novels plus never before published bonus material from Bestselling Authors:
Chanda Hahn
RaShelle Workman
Marie Hall
Cameron Jace

UnEnchanted, Fairest, Jared's Quest,
Blood & Snow Vol 1-4
Cindy Witch Vol 1-2
Hook's Pan
Hatter's Treasure
Grimm Diaries Prequels Vol 1-6


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