August 8, 2012

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Home from #BlogHer12 & #NYC - a few photos

This past week I spent time in NYC for an amazing conference!  I learned a lot, met some amazing contacts and formed great friendships!     Since BlogHer, I learned that it was best to switch from to

You can access the same info from either one!  So no need to change your bookmarks!   I am still digging thru my handwritten notes to see all the fun stuff I can do.  You will notice a few tweaking here and there over the next few days, but no content changes! 

Back to BlogHer!   One thing I did while in NYC was run in my first 5K.  In NYC, you can only run in pairs, more than two needs permits and such.  It is costly.  So we all met in the lobby and were told directions to Central Park and we took off on our "Unofficial 5K". I think there was about 100-150 of us crazed bloggers running at 6am. Well with out maps, we got lost in the park!   Before  leaving the max I could run was 2.5 miles.  Well not only did I kick the 5K, but since we got lost/turned around in the park, I ended up running a total of 3.9 miles!  Yeah BABY!!!!

A few other highlights form the trip via photos:

Seemed like everywhere we went parties, expo hall, breakfasts there was a costumed character.  So of course I had to have my picture taken each time!

Nope not kissing Zac Efron, although it looks like it... It was a cut out from a film.  He is legal now right???


  1. Cute post I love the pictures. Zak - looks like he is from Ghosts.. glowing and all. If you want to link up to the other #blogher 12 Posts head over to .

  2. Looks like you had a great time! It was my first time going and found NYC to be amazing!