November 22, 2011

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"Mix It Up" with YoCrunch this holiday

From turkey to tinsel, dreidels and stockings, certain traditions are an integral part of every family’s holiday celebrations. YoCrunch, the yogurt brand known for providing tasty fun, encourages you to break free from routine and “mix it up” this holiday season.

Here are 10 creative twists on tried-and-true traditions for you to share with your readers.

10. Holiday Table Crafts – Crafts not only help keep kids entertained throughout holiday dinners, they also offer a way to get adults in the spirit of the season. Create your own hand turkeys, holiday ornaments or homemade cards, which can even double as gifts and keepsakes. You can even dress up an empty YoCrunch cup as your favorite holiday character!
9.   Progressive Decorating – Why let the entire decorating fun end in one day or weekend? Create a new family tradition with your kids and make decorating an activity fun for everyone.  Each day, pick a room to decorate. Let each child choose a handful of decorations to unwrap and hang or have various family members open and display around the house the various holiday cards received.
8.   Find New Ways to Give – There’s no doubt that Americans are generous during the holiday season. According to Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, charitable giving rose 2.1 percent in 2010, a year with a still-challenged economy. Put a new spin on giving by volunteering for part of the day at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving or over the holidays with your family. Offer to help transport canned goods or unwrapped gifts to local homeless shelters or charities, or ask kids to clean out their own toy collections for donations to children in need.
7.   Unique Dessert Trays – The holidays offer the ultimate temptation with a wide variety of delicious foods constantly available. When building your dessert tray this year, consider adding one or two varieties of YoCrunch as a healthier, but still fun, alternative.  With the included candy toppings such as M&M’s, Oreo cookie, Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger and Reese’s Pieces that you can mix in yourself, YoCrunch not only makes for a great anytime snack but a holiday dessert option too.
6.   Holiday Music Mix – Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne, and the Chanukah song? Everyone has a favorite holiday song, so why not gather selections from everyone in the family to create a personal holiday mix for parties, during decorating, or just for informal family “jam” sessions.
5.  Get Up and Get Out – While it’s tempting to stay inside during cold weather, the holidays provide the perfect time to get out and join your community. Whether it’s a local fun run or walk, such as a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Run, these offer a great chance to exercise, meet up with friends and relatives and see the lights of the city. 
4.   New Year’s “Rev-olution”– Turn New Year’s on its head. Instead of trying to win the never-ending battle of giving something up, choose a resolution that adds something to your life. Join a book club, take a cooking class, save money to treat your family to a fun night out once a month or just make it a priority to set aside 15 minutes a day for yourself.
3.   Check Out Other Cultures – Use the holidays as a way to broaden your horizons. This season, choose your favorite culture or add something from your family’s heritage to create a new household holiday tradition. For example, in many European countries, children put out shoes or wooden clogs instead of stockings; in Mexico, regional specialties are served at holiday dinners and in China, paper lanterns are hung as decorations.
2.   Shop Til You Drop – Shopping can be one of the most fun parts of the holiday season, but with stores opening earlier every year on Black Friday, the crowds can be overwhelming. Take advantage of the newer Cyber Monday holiday, the Monday after Thanksgiving when online deals abound, to sit and relax at home while you accomplish your holiday shopping. 
1.   Share a Tradition – In addition to adding some of these ideas as a twist to your own seasonal traditions, visit the YoCrunch Facebook page and let us know how you plan to “mix it up” this holiday. Our favorite ideas will win an early holiday present of YoCrunch coupons!  
This December they will be mixing things up on their Facebook page too with the 12 Days of YoCrunch. Be sure to” like” them and follow each day Dec. 11-23 as they highlight their yogurt and crunchy topping mix-ins alongside an easy “Do it now” and “Do it today” challenge.
Go ahead, mix it up and join us as we spread the holiday spirit this season!

image credit and info provided by: yocrunch


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