July 27, 2011

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Back to School Shopping: jcpenney makes it affordable, you make it yours.

This back-to-school season, jcpenney celebrates the idea that daydreams can become reality, and are empowering kids to express their individual style.  jcpenney makes it affordable, you make it yours. Think back to before you were a grown-up... before you forgot what it was like to dream big. What was it like when you were developing your own personality and sense of style? I remember loving to go back to school clothes shopping.  The perfect first day of school outfit was an absolute must!   I can even remember some of the styles I picked out back in the day (now I cringe thinking of them).  That’s the magic of being a kid and the start of each new school year for our children is full of new possibilities. That’s the kind of fresh individuality in all our kids and it’s worth celebrating. Their children’s sense of style is fueled by imagination—where the options for self-expression are limitless.

In honor of the new jcpenney Back-to-School season, SocialMoms has joined with jcpenney to embrace children’s individuality and uniqueness. They asked us mom bloggers to share our child’s individual sense of style!
Kids are different and they each have their own style sense!  I love watching my kids grow and their choices change!   I love that my little girl adores picking out dresses and nice outfits for church.  She is also learning how match the shoes with the outfit.  Yes, I admit it she loves her shoes and I seem to feed into it, buying her different styles!  My little girl will be heading off to Kindergarten this year and she is trying to find her own sense of style.  She loves all things pink and purple, so just about ¾ of her clothes are one of those two colors!   She loves to accessorize!  She has new found love for hats, so she will sport a sun hat, ball hat, you name it.  She looks so cute!  Other accessories that are a must have are watches/jewelry.  We are teaching her to tell time, so she loves to wear different styles of kid watches!  I am thankful she is still young and loves the simple things.  I know once school starts some of that innocence will pass!

My son is four and 100% all boy.  He loves anything sports and super hero themed.  So his sense of style is running pants, shorts with stripes and a themed tee.  He also likes to be just like daddy, so he has a number to shirts similar to his dad!  He wants to be like daddy so much that he sleeps in boxers and a white tee!  I also had to just buy him white underwear like daddy, no more cartoon undies for him!  He is also the spitting image of his father, just a smaller version!

So what is your kid's sense of style?  Do you remember your sense of style growing up?  I do not want to  think about some of the outfits I wore.  LOL.   Got to love growing up in the 80s and 90s!

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