December 9, 2010

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Beamz Player Review~ Perfect gift for the entire family!!!

The new Beamz Player is the perfect gift for the entire family at only $199.95. This is no ordinary toy, instrument, game or gadget. The Beamz Player provides an extraordinary music-making experience. Using laser beam technology, the Beamz connects to your PC via a USB hub and allows you to begin making music without having to know how to read music. It features a sleek, smaller-footprint design with four laser beams that trigger up to 12 different instruments, music clips, sound effects, or vocals as you pass your hands through the beams.

For the teens and tweens who love their iPod and GuitarHero, the Beamz Player is a whole new way to immerse yourself in music. The Beamz Player features a music library of songs to add to the 50 songs that come with the system. This library encompasses music that appeals to all ages and includes three types of interactive songs: original songs, top-hit jam songs, and video jam songs.
The Beamz Player is now being sold at FAO Schwarz, selected Brookstone locations, and .

I’ll admit that although I saw the Beamz Player being used on YouTube, I was somewhat skeptical. However, once I received the product in the mail and had an opportunity to experience it firsthand I became a fan and believer.  The Beamz Player is a unique one-of-a-kind instrument.

Clearly, the Beamz Player is much more than a musical instrument; it incorporates a large number of sounds and instruments into one device.  Be able to use such a variety of instruments and sounds to create beats and rhythms is something spectacular.  The song list is quite large and offers a large variety of genres and choices for any age.

The option to use your hands to make music by crossing the 4 different laser beams versus learning how to play each specific instrument is distinctive and extraordinary.  There is always the option to create and record your own music.  For that person who isn’t musically inclined I found using the beat count provided with the song selected allows the novice to reach mastery of playing music.  The Beamz Player did a great job bringing out the hidden musician within me.

The Beamz song library encompasses music to appeal to all ages and includes three types of interactive songs:

These are original songs created by Beamz composers with contributions from independent artists.  These are great songs for users to explore a wide range of music genres and hundreds of different instruments and sound effects within these original works.  These songs provide users ultimate creative expression opportunities.  
Beamz “Top-Hit” Jam songs -

These are interactive versions of popular songs composed in the style of the original artist. Songs include rock classics, party favorites and recent top-hits (e.g. Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, The Beatles, The Black Eyed Peas, etc). Interacting with these songs is like being the band and playing your own version of the popular song based on how you choose to play the laser beams within each song.

These are interactive versions of popular songs using the original artist recording and music video (e.g. Alpha Rev, Aly & AJ, Billy Idol, Blind Melon, Moby, etc).  Interacting with these songs is like “joining the band” – playing along with the original song and adding harmonious instruments and sound effects into the playback of the music video.  Disney and EMI are license partners with Beamz Interactive, and the company is in dialogue to expand its video jam song library with artists from other leading music industry publishers.

The Beamz Player includes 50 songs and users may add to their song library at Original and Top-Hit Jam Songs are just $2.99 each and Video Jam Songs are $3.99 each.

The Beamz Player is perfect for this holiday season!  You and your family will have hours of fun and enjoyment with this product!

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