October 14, 2020

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Vampire Donuts - A Quick and Easy Treat For #Halloween! #Recipe


With everything going on, your kids may or may not have holiday parties this year.  If  you are looking for a fun treat idea to bring to your kids school for their Halloween party, these are super cute and can be individually wrapped in sandwich bags/   No parties this year, no problem have your own little family party at home and treat the kids to these spooky donut treats!  These are super easy to make, yummy to eat and when you are done, you have some super cool Vampire teeth to sport!


  1. Squeeze a set of vampire teeth and place in the hole of the donut (depending on the size of the hole of the donut, you may need to cut the hole out a little bit).   Here is a tip...if you are struggling to get the teeth in the hole, use a small rubber band to make the teeth tighter and easier to fit!
  2. Place some frosting on the back of the eyes and secure them to the donut.
  3. If you have red frosting, you can also use that for the added blood effect.
Don't want to go with the Vampire teeth aspect?    Then still adhere the candy eyes to the donut and have an instant monster staring back at you!

Struggling to get the teeth in place, no worries, use the red frosting to make your own blood drips and just serve donuts with the teeth on the side!


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