August 14, 2020

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Camp Warner Bros Week 8: Family Matters Talent Show #CampWarnerBros


Family Matters was one of the great 90’s sitcoms - a global phenomenon - where families gathered and laughed together around their televisions, every Friday night - exactly at 8 PM!

For nine seasons, the series lead character Steve Urkel was the neighbor that irked the Winslow’s – and was the epitome of a nerd – but families worldwide adored him! For our last week of camp – we figured we would bring back America’s favorite geek – and show how cool it can be - to always be yourself!



To enter the Talent Show, all you have to do it watch the video clip below, copy Steve Urkel’s epic dance moves, and upload your videos to your TikToks, Facebooks, Instagrams, and Twitters. Don’t forget to hashtag #CampWarnerBros to share the fun!



Thanks for joining us each week for our fun summer camp projects.  If you are looking for some more family time thru out the year, why not bring back the Friday night TV shows and watch an episode each week with the kids!  I still remember growing up and watching Family Matters and I can still hear Steve Urkel's "Did I do that" comments.  

As our summer is winding down, why not have one final summer dessert for your at home talent show, with fruit pizza cookies!

Since it is summer time that mean it is fruit time! This is the perfect time to mix cookies and fruit together with fruit pizza cookies!

Cookie Base
1 package of Betty Crocker Cookie mix and make according to package

1 brick Cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp of Vanilla

Fruit (increase/decrease fruit based on preference)
Kiwi (1-2)  - Cut into slices and then in half
Strawberries (1 lb container) -  cut into thin slices
Blueberries  (1 pint container)  - just rinse and pat dry
Mandarin oranges (10 oz can drained and pat dry)

  •  Line cookie sheets with silicone liners.  Pre-heat oven to temperature on package.
  • Bake cookies for 7-9 minutes.   Don't over cook.  
  • Cool 10 minutes or until completely cooled.
  • In a bowl mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla
  • Spread each cooled cookies with cream cheese mixture. Arrange fruit on top of each. Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate up to 2 hours

About Family Matters: The Complete Series

What matters most? Family, of course! Over its nine hit seasons, Family Matters brings us a hilarious slice of middle-class Americana - along with one of TV's wackiest characters, nerdy genius Steve Urkel. The extended Winslow family redefines the word "togetherness" as their home splits at the seams with chaos, confusion and laughter.


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