December 12, 2019

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Hot Pad Towels - Fun and easy Christmas craft!

To make this a bargain, you can score 2 packs of the towels and 2 packs of the hot pads at Deals, Dollar Store, etc. for a $1 each!   This is definitely and easy and a bargain gift.


Pair a hot pad with a pretty kitchen towel and the result is a useful kitchen accessory you can hang from a cupboard or drawer handle. They are quick and easy to make, match with your kitchen decor, make holiday themed ones, etc!
  • One terrycloth kitchen towel (18-inch x 28-inch towel)
  • One coordinating hot pad with loop on one side (6-1/2-inch square hot pad)
  • One coordinating button that will fit through the loop on the hot pad (I just bought all wood natural ones at Wal-mart)
  • Matching all-purpose thread
  • Standard sewing supplies
  1. Fold the hot pad in half with loop. Use an iron to crease the fold. Mark the ends of the fold with straight pins.
  2. Fold the towel in half. Press with an iron to mark the fold. Open towel and run a hand-gathering stitch or machine gathering stitch along the fold (I used a machine and it goes so fast). Pull thread ends to gather the towel to fit the hot pad.
  3. Place the opened towel on the opened hot pad with the gathered line of the towel on the pressed crease of the hot pad. Sew along gathering to attach towel to hot pad.
  4. Sew button to edge side of the loop on hot pad. Button to hold hanging towel in place.
  5. Hang towel from oven door, cabinet doors, etc!


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