October 28, 2019

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Day of the Dead themed party idea! #DayOfTheDead

In honor of the Day of the Dead, why not host a fun party of the kids!  First why not make some skull garland.   I took colored tissue paper (four sheets at a time) and placed a skull template on top of it.  Then I did another four skulls.  Next up, you take a long piece of masking tape, I placed the top of each skull on the edge, once they all were in place, just fold over the tape.

 A fun and easy decoration for the table is skull themed lanterns.   I took plastic cups and busted out the permanent markers and got creative.  You really can't go wrong, just make a fun designed skull.  Once it is done, place a battery operated tea light under it and instant candle!

 Craft idea!   I used a clearance set of foam skull necklaces I had left over from Halloween.  I picked up bejeweled stickers for about $1 each at a couple different stores.  The kit included string and foam stickers for eyes and nose.

 The kids had a blast making their own skull necklaces.  I am thankful the bejeweled stickers were only a $1 each, as it seemed my floor got jeweled too!  I was surprised at how well they turned out and the creativity each child showed!

Other must haves for a great party is themed decorations!  Pick up some super cool skull bead necklaces at party stores or online.  You can even find sugar skull and Mexican themed table wear!


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