May 16, 2019

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Make it a Family Movie Night with How To Train Your Dragon #HowToTrainYourDragon

We love hosting family nights at our house, especially now that the time has changed and it is darker and cooler out. We have the neighborhood kids over now too, this way they are all warm and safe inside! We previously hosted a How To Train Your Dragon 2 family movie night and with the third installment coming out, you can have a fun night with all three movies. We made it a truly themed party with decorations, activities, and recipes all HTTYD themed.

Food ideas:
Dragon Feed:  Swedish Fish and Gummy Sharks 
Dragon Claws:  Buggles
Gobber Peg Legs:  Pretzel sticks 
Dragon Flames: Flaming Hot Cheetos or Regular Cheetos
Dragon Fireballs:  Atomic Fireballs or Cheeto Balls
Dragon Nuggets:  Dinosaur chicken nuggets look a lot like dragons
Dragon Scales:  Doritos
Viking Brew:  Rootbeer
Catapult Ballistics:  Meatballs 

Here are some fun activities:


Under a paper plate, let the kids decorate with markers and stickers. Attach a construction paper ring to the opposite side to hold it!

Adopt a Dragon:  The mini battle dragons are $1.99 each at most stores. I bought one of every HTTYD2 dragon, even the Bewilder Beast and placed them in a bowl. Each child went home with their own dragon!

Viking Hat:  Click this link to take you to a PDF for how to make your own viking hat!

Masks - Have a make your own mask center! Just click to enlarge:

Click for Dragon Stationary and a Hiccup cut-out!

Sheep Toss:  Pick up some stuffed sheep and buckets. Line the buckets up like the Bozo Circus game. Have the kids try to toss the sheep into each bucket.

Dragon Races:  Instead of stick horses, make stick dragons and have the kids race around the yard.

Gobber Race:   Three legged race

Themed products also always add to the party. Pick up some stickers, tattoos, paper plates, napkins, cups and more to really get the theme going!

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