December 10, 2018

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2019-20 Planner Dream Bundle | Planner + Desk + Stickers $19.95 + Free shipping
2019-20 Planner Dream Bundle | Planner + Desk + Stickers $19.95 + Free shipping

Are you looking ahead to your New Year's Resolution?  Why not get more organized in the New Year!  This 18 month planner is the perfect tool to get you organized in the New Year and to keep you on track.  If you are like me, running your kids from here to there can be hectic.  Now track it all in one easy place, from sport activities to doctor appointment, this planner can track it all. Plus with 300-400 stickers in the set, you can get fun and creative with your planner!  I also suggest that you use a different color pen for writing what each kid has going on, then you can look and know who has an event that day quickly!

If you have kids, this would also be great for them to track homework assignments, sport practices, games, reading logs and so much more.  It is never too early to get them planning and keeping track of their assignments and activities!

There are so many uses for a planner that go above and beyond tracking kids and their activities!  Are you trying to lose weight and get your health on track?  Track your daily weight and weekly weight to see if you met your goals!  Track your water intake, list certain exercises for each day, etc!  Use it as a daily prayer and gratitude tracker.  Make notes of what you are thankful for each day and who or what you are praying for each day!
Want to get on track financially?  Make weekly spending and saving goals.  Track your daily expenses and see if you can get lower than what you budgeted.  Also use the planner to list payment deadlines, so you pay all your bills on time!

Lastly another idea is to use it as a meal planner.  Write down each meal for the week.  It is so much easier to stay on track financially if you follow your meal plan.   You plan your week's worth of groceries around your menu. 

There are so many options and at this price you can not go wrong!
The Recipe for the Perfect Holiday Gift:

Step 1.  Choose a gift that is truly useful, one that will make her life easier in some way.
Step 2.  Find a great deal price for it so you can get one for everyone on your list + one for yourself, too.
Step 3.  Lock in a Guaranteed Delivery in time for Christmas.
Blend all of the steps above and you’ll have this 2019-2020 Reminder Binder® Planner Dream Bundle!

In this EXCLUSIVE Planner Dream Bundle you get:
  • One 2019-2020 Reminder Binder® Planner (Jan 2019 - June 2020)
  • One 2019-2020 Mini Desk Calendar (same dates as planner) 
  • One Sticker Set (Choose from 4 styles, 8 sheets/set)
The Reminder Binder® Planner includes all of these amazing features: 
  • Dates include January 2019 - June 2020, (Bonus:  We snuck in December 2018, too!  So you can use it right away!)
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly views 
  • Weekly layouts are horizontal with lots of white space each day
  • Hard Cover - for the 10,000 times you flip through it, it's built to last!
  • Laminated Tabs - designed to go the distance
  • Elastic Band Enclosure - your planner gets packed like your week, this band will help keep it altogether!
  • Highlight special dates with the 361 stickers provided on (4) full pages.
  • Holidays overview - see the day/date for 2019 and 2020 holidays in a quick glance
  • (2) Pockets - one Stock it Pocket inside the front cover AND another double sided clear pocket attached in the back 
  • Use your Stock it Pocket to keep tickets, coupons, postage stamps or greeting cards at your fingertips.
  • Removable bookmark redesigned for quicker snap-in and out
  • (3) full pages of Dates to Remember
  • When you need a gift for those special dates, use the Nifty Gifty Checklist to stay on track with your gifting to-do’s!
  • Flip to the 2019 and 2020 yearly thumbnails for a fabulous overview in a single page spread.
  • Perpetual style monthly page to jot dates to remember each the birthdate of your new niece or nephew this year!
  • Use the weekly pages to list daily details...and when the details have details…use the notes section provided on each week.
  • The 3-month thumbnails make it easy to relate dates in the upcoming weeks. 
  • The weekly pages are color coordinated for your convenience, too. 
  • 1-List, 2-List, 3-List...Store!  These perforated pages are handy tools for you to jot and trot!  Whether it’s the weekly grocery list, a guest list, dinner menus or the movies that you want to see, when you think it, ink it here! 
  • Populate the contacts pages with all the info you need for mailing invitations, sending an e-note or remembering a birthday. 
  • Complete your Personal Information page to ensure a speedy return when someone finds your Reminder Binder! 
  • By design, your Reminder Binder is made to travel…take it with you in your handbag, your diaper bag, gym bag, or in your car! 
  • Bonus keepsake gift box - make a pretty stack on your shelf to refer back to remember all the good times!
The Mini Desk Calendar has these features you'll love:
  • Dates span the same dates as the Reminder Binder® Planner (January 2019 through June 2020.)  
  • Its “Sherbet” color scheme coordinates the Reminder Binder® Planner, too! 
  • It’s big enough (12" x 9") to provide lots of notes space but small enough to take it from the office to the kitchen table for your Sunday night planning session.
  • Repurpose every page by using the columns of lists on the backside.  There’s even a column with checkboxes because we know you love them.
  • Monthly thumbnails let you relate dates for each view OR flip to the yearly view of 2019 and 2020 to see the entire year in all its glory.
  • Holidays are published on each month AND you can see all the holidays for 2019 and 2020 in a single spread, too.
  • Jot the monthly Dates to Remember on the perpetual style page appropriately named.  Tip: Loved one have a new baby? Get married? Or maybe close on their first home? Adding those special occasions on the Dates to Remember page will make it seamless for you to transition to your next Reminder Binder® Desk Calendar!
  • Bills due and budgeting are part of everyone’s a Monthly Bills worksheet is part of this planner pad, too!
  • Take your short-term planning to new heights when you use the Peek at the Week® weekly planner bonus pages.  This vertical, daily layout lets you pare down your household’s crazy schedule into a view that is concise for the upcoming!  Sections are great for each family member or role in your home...or jotting down that night’s dinner menu for all to know BEFORE the “what’s for dinner?” series of questioning.  
  • The ultra-sturdy backer card is a useful keepsake to keep all your key info at your fingertips.  This is great for anyone who may be watching your kids, pets or home.
Choose your Sticker Set from these FOUR Collections, (each set is unique, no duplicated stickers among them):
  1. Busy Mom (432 Stickers) - lots of school events, play dates, sleepovers, games, practices, lessons, family fun, birthdays, special days, doctor/dentist, vacation, picnic 
  2. Every Gal (432 Stickers) - (no kid stickers) all major holidays, meetings, projects, household tasks, spa/pampering, vacation, coffee, shopping, birthdays, parties/celebrations, date night  
  3. Get it Done, Make it FUN (342 Stickers) - Ideal for productivity planning!   Includes checklist strips, goal thermometers, priority 1-2-3, gifting to-do's, "but firsts" and "& thens"
  4. ALL-NEW Grateful Heart Stickers (330 stickers) -  elevate your attitude of gratitude with these adorable stickers. With designs including thankful, grateful, quotes, sweets, macarons, better together, and many more adorable stickers.

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