May 4, 2018

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Drive-In Movies Fun and Frugal!!! #ohio

We frequently take the  kids to the drive-ins in the summer.    I remember going to drive-ins as a child in Michigan and love sharing these memories with my children!  

When my daughter was an infant, we went to the drive in and folded down the back seats of the van and placed a pack and play back there, this way she could sleep comfortably while we were watching the movie!  Now the kids are older, we just fold down the seats of the SUV or Van  and they watch the first movie, then we  put sleeping bags in the back end and they sleep during the 2nd.  It is quiet comfortable!  The kids have a blast!  They ended up sleeping until it was time to leave!  Plus mommy and daddy get to see some movies they have been wanting too!

I did some searching to help the rest of you find a drive-in! Going rates are $5-$10 an adult for 2 movies.  Kid rates seemed to be $1-$5 for ages 6-12!  Instead of going out to dinner and then dropping $10 a ticket at a regular theater to see one move, we had a fun cheap night.  Here are some ways to make it fun and frugal:
  • Take a cooler with your sodas and water bottles
  • Pick up a $5 Little Caesars pizza  or head to CiCi's pizza and get 3 carry-out pizzas for $9.99!
  • Pick up some Dollar Store candy!
  • Pop your own popcorn and place it in a brown paper bag and bring with you
Please note some drive-ins have policies on bringing outside food and may charge you $4-5 for a food permit.

Totally frugal and memory lasting!!!  Don't forget the glow-necklaces!  Another fun and frugal item for the kids and if you are sitting outside, makes them easy to spot!

Here are some links to find drive ins close to you!

Springmill Drive-in (Mansfield Ohio)
Great Eastern Drive-Ins  (Ohio) (Ohio listings)  This lists all the drive-ins by state!  Who knew there were so many!!

Just remember BUG SPRAY and BLANKETS!  It can get quiet chilly at night and the bugs come out! 


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