January 10, 2018

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Pinata Graphic T-Shirt for $16.95 + FREE SHIPPING

The Design the Good contest is officially over, and we’re so excited to announce it to you! This year’s proceeds are going to one of our favorite organizations, Girl on the Run. This organization is all about inspiring young girls to embrace life and lead confident and empowered lives.

Bold & Full Wednesday - 1/10/17 - Design the Good Winner: Pinata Graphic T-Shirt for $16.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code BREAK1   The code is BREAK1 and it will make each tee $16.95 with FREE SHIPPING in the cart. The code is valid 1/10 through 1/14.

* Proceeds from the shirts will be donated to the girls empowerment program, Girls on the Run.
This shirt was designed by Aleisha McDaniel, and below is the story behind it:

A little over three years ago, I started the #porchpinata project. What started as a funny gift to a dear friend, has now become my “signature” act of kindness. I leave pinatas on people’s porches as a way to brighten their day. 120 of my pinatas have gone to autism families in the community, people who have lost loved ones, children battling cancer, families with spouses serving in the military, etc. They represent goodness and love and joy and light--“unbreakable” things that can change our world. I would hope my design would inspire women to get out and serve and make a difference in their homes and communities. I would hope my design would remind them of how unstoppable and how unbreakable and how incredible they are. It’s tough being a woman...we are hard on ourselves, we sometimes hard on each other, life can be challenging and painful. So what can we do? We can be kind. Always. And in that, we’ll discover that “they”--the critics, the haters, the media, the trolls, the hardships, the heartaches, and the struggles--will never, ever break us.


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