September 24, 2017

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Tips To Getting The Perfect Car + it is car safety week!

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Finding the right car is an extremely long and challenging process.  I just purchased a new car this month and it was time consuming.  There are so many resources  out there that can help you with the new car shopping process.   Today I will share some resources and tips on how to find the right car for you.

For starters, the most important tip of finding a car is performing the right research. You can’t make the right purchase without knowing the facts about the make, model and price of your car. Over the years, I have found that is a great resource to learning about your potential purchase

Budget: Regardless of whether you decide to buy or lease your next car, it is best to establish a realistic monthly payment that fits into your budget. A good rule of thumb is to spend no more than 20-25% of your monthly household income for all the cars in your household.  Remember this should include the monthly car payment as well as insurance and any other vehicle costs.   

Research: Did you know that has a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase.   They even have a  Videos & Reviews feature. These reviews and videos give you extensive and essential information about a wide variety of different cars.  You want straightforward answers, not websites to sugar coat it or gloss over the good and the bad. gives you this!   They are not afraid to tell you the good and the bad about cars! Doing your research is a very important part of car shopping. Especially if you are a first-time buyer or have a lot of different cars you’re interested in.

Test drive:   Before purchasing a car, always be sure to test-drive a car.  Take your time with the test drive to make sure you really love the car.  Heck, take as long as you want as this is huge purchase.   Make sure you try it all, sit in the backseat to see the leg room, the adjustment of seat, radio, controls, reversing, etc.
Don't settle, find the perfect car for you:  Find the car that is right for you. Make sure to examine your needs rather than wants. Think of how many people do you need to transport, how long is the commute, do you desire good gas mileage, etc.   It is important to take your time when buying a car. There are so many different brands, models, editions and more of cars out there, so taking your time, do your research and don't settle.  

Even though it is fall, winter will be upon us sooner than we would like. So here are some tips to driving safely on icy/snowy roads.

  1. Always use your seat belt every time you get into your vehicle
  2. Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.
  3. Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the brake.
  4. Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists. In Ohio your lights must be on any time you use your wipers!  So if you are wiping the snow away, turn on those lights!
  5. Keep your lights and windshield clean.
  6. Use low gears to keep traction, especially on hills.
  7. Don't use cruise control or overdrive.
  8. Bridges& overpasses will freeze first. Use your judgement and go slow, you never know if black ice is ahead.
  9. Don't pass snow plows and sanding trucks.
  10. Keep at least half a tank of gasoline in your vehicle at all times.
  11. Don't turn corners too tightly.
The best advice for driving in bad winter weather is not to drive at all, if you can avoid it.  If you have to head out, be safe and use your head!

Whether you've looked at purchasing a car, renting a car, or driven a car, has a lot of great information!


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