September 28, 2017

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#Sleepover / #Birthday Party on a Budget!

A few years ago my daughter wanted a sleepover for her birthday and it was go big or go home kind of party. She had 10 girls spend the night. I was purely crazy at that exact moment and since have scaled her sleepovers down to more manageable numbers!

I was able to get a number of my birthday party items at Oriental Trading. I was able to get some super cute invitations and items for goodie bags at such reasonable prices!   You can also pick up goodie bags in packs at the Dollar Tree!

What party is not complete without food and special treats? Why not go retro and surprise your guest with a special sweet treat! Pick up some classic candy necklaces, bracelets, lipsticks and rings. Most little girls will not be familiar with this wonderful retro candy and it will leave a lasting memory, plus they are so reasonable!  I was able to get the candy at Five Below for $1 a bag!

I honestly had no idea how much food these little girls would eat. It surprised me how much they did each and could of still ate if I had not taken away the leftovers.

Soda - $.67 a 2 liter
Grapes - $.97 a lb
Chex Mix - $.99 a bg
Pretzels - $.99 a bag
Cheese/Caramel corn - $3 a bag
2 deli pizzas from Walmart - $6-$8 each

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Sprinkles, mini marshmallows, waffle bowls, syrups, whipped topping and of course ice cream. We had everything in the house but the ice cream and that was $2.98.

Crafts and Games
Since her birthday is in October, there are always craft kits available at reasonable prices. I was able to pick up a couple of kits for under $5 each!

As for games.  Do you know Ghosts in the Graveyard? Flashlights are a must for this game and I was able to score some cute ones at Oriental Trading really cheap!   Here are some quick and easy instructions!
  • Designate one house's yard for the playing field. You will need a home base on which everyone can stand or all touch at the same time such as a large tree, front stoop, or back patio.
  • Choose one person to be the "ghost". Give the ghost a flashlight.
  • Have everyone but the ghost stand at the base while the ghost runs off to hide somewhere in the playing field.
  • Sing slowly as a group, "One o'clock... two o'clock... three o'clock..." and so on, up to twelve o'clock. Then shout, "Midnight! I hope I don't see the ghost tonight!"
  • The ghost hunters leave the base and search for the ghost in the yard. The ghost's job is to jump out, surprise, and tag a player with the flashlight. When anyone encounters the ghost they should yell, "Ghost in the graveyard!" and try to run away. When the ghost catches someone, the new person becomes the only ghost.

Of course you can not forget to get all the tableware and place settings and that is another place the Oriental trading comes in! I already had some items at home (prev. purchase from Oriental Trading) and then mixed them with the items I was able to score at the Dollar Store!

The one thing I did realize with kids, is they are not ones to re-use. So when planning on having a number of kids over, have extra plates, napkins, cups on hand!

To finish the night, the girls snuggled in their sleeping bags and watched Tangled. I had hoped they would fall asleep during the movie, but giggles and whispers filled the night!  

You can always pick up some fun, kid friendly movies  at your local library and watch the girls have a night to remember!

Planning a party doesn't have to break the bank.  Kids will remember how much fun they had and that you threw them an amazing party!  So don't fret and just plan with in your budget.  It is amazing the deals you can find and score to make a memorable party at a fraction of the dollar!


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