June 15, 2017

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Tune into Beat Bugs on Netflix! Inspired by the music of The Beatles! #sponsored

Beat Bugs is a preschool-targeted animated children's Netflix Original Series that revolves around the lives and adventures of five charming and funny child-like bugs who live in an overgrown backyard,

The series is inspired by the music of the Beatles and re-recorded by today’s hottest contemporary artists like P!nk, Eddie Vedder, Rod Stewart, Tori Kelly and more. Beat Bugs introduces a whole new generation to the music from the greatest and most influential band in rock history, The Beatles.

Each episode features amazing music from The Beatles by today's artists.   The episodes feature  friendship, problem-solving, working together and more. The young bugs learn some valuable life lessons!    I love how creative the series is and how the bugs use our "normal" backyard items for play and imagination.  

Head on over to Netflix and get ready to start jamming!

Beat Bugs and My Gym have struck a chord to activate a musically-inspired promotion at 178 My Gym locations in United States, United Kingdom and Australia this summer. In the months of June and July, children who attend classes at My Gym will enjoy Beat Bugs music, games and other fun activities, including coloring sheets and puppet shows.

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The stars of Beat Bugs!
Jay:   I love Jaction (that’s Jay, plus action!), and playing my key-tar, which doubles as an awesome skateboard. One day, I’m going to make it all the way to the Big House! 
Walter: I, Walter Walrus, am a born performer! I love to sing, tell stories, and explore with my friends… as long as things don’t get TOO scary… 
Buzz: I can fly… well, nearly anyway. I like blowing bubbles, slurping my drink and–and… whatever YOU like! 
Crick: I build inventions from junk I find around the garden. I can solve any problem, as long as I, ah… have time to think it through. 
Kumi: I like solving problems, which is lucky, because my friends are always getting themselves into trouble! I also love dress-ups… and martial arts – Hai Ya!

Want even more Beat Bugs? Then head on over to their website for cool activities and more information about your favorite characters!

Created by Josh Wakely, Beat Bugs is an Emmy award winning animated kids series featuring music inspired by The Beatles. Currently a hit on Netflix, the story revolves around the lives of five best friends, charming and funny childlike bugs who explore and learn in their suburban backyard home. Each episode ties in a song made famous by The Beatles in an innocent and child-friendly fashion, sung by one of the characters or guest stars that include mega musicians like P!nk, Sia, Jennifer Hudson, Rod Stewart and more. Beat Bugs introduces a new generation to the music of the most influential band in rock history, The Beatles!


Disclosure: I am a member of the Beat Bugs Dream Team  I  received a  Netflix gift card in exchange for my participation.    No other compensation was received


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