December 9, 2016

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Macy’s "National Believe Day" #SantaProject #ad

Macy's has always believed in Santa.  That's why they  created the #SantaProject, their mission to keep the story of Santa alive in our modern age by filling the internet with the magic of belief.  Santa Claus is real in the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

Santa is as real as the goodness and generosity he brings into the world. He’s as real as the family traditions he creates, and the love and warmth he brings into the lives of believers everywhere. If you believe in Santa, he’s real.
There are many reasons why you should believe in Santa because there are many benefits to believing.  Experts have found that childhood belief in Santa has a number of beneficial factors when it comes to cognitive development. Believing encourages kids to expand their imaginations, which leads to strengthened critical thinking.

Santa is real and hour home is full of the  spirit of belief in Santa.   Every year we visit Santa and the kids get a chance to talk to the big man and let him know the one gift they are hoping to get.    I remember when my daughter was younger and told Santa she wanted a pink mermaid Barbie.  She was adamant that Santa would know exactly what she wanted and she would get it.    Her face on Christmas morning was priceless!    She was a little over two and just so excited!  I will never forget that Christmas!

Our oldest is 11 and is full of belief.  Just this week she was asking how does Santa get all the letters kids mail him.   A regular mailman can't deliver to the North Pole, so I explained to her that there were mailboxes like the ones at Macy that accepted letters for Santa.   The elves would pick them up and deliver them personally to Santa so his location in the North Pole would stay a secret!

I love the magic of Christmas memories and traditions.  The kids look forward to them every year and we reflect of years past.  Every Christmas Eve day we make sugar cookies and decorate them for Santa.  It has been a tradition since the kids were infants.    They pick their best cookies and leave them for Santa!  Then we make reindeer food to scatter on the lawn.   After Christmas Eve service we drive around and look at the lights, come home watch the movie Twas the Night Before Christmas, get ready for bed and the magic that happens while we are all nestled in bed!

What believing in Santa means to your family?  It means youthfulness, memories, family time and so much more to me!

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