November 3, 2016

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Shrek Takes His Prez Bid to YouTube Kids to Showcase Power of Democracy #ShrekTheVote

This year’s election will go down in history...but there is an unexpected reason why! One of our favorite fictional friends, Shrek, has thrown his hat in the Presidential ring! Gone are the days of Lord Farquaad ruling the land of Far, Far Away with an iron fist and unfair laws. Shrek wants to bring peace and democracy to everyone’s favorite fairytale city and has built his platform exactly on that -- a platform designed to enlighten, entertain and educate kids on the power of democracy.

With the United States presidential election around the corner, Shrek’s presidential campaign in the land of Far, Far Away creates the perfect opportunity to teach the importance of democracy. On Thursday, November 3rd, everyone’s favorite green ogre (and Presidential candidate!) will provide viewers with his democracy playlist he created especially for YouTube Kids.

From a 60 second segment on George Washington to why your vote matters, this playlist will educate youth on one of America’s greatest privileges – the right to vote. Shrek for President makes learning about democracy fun!

"It's never too early to get kids excited about playing their part in the democratic process and Shrek is just the right character to introduce them to this important civic duty. We are proud to partner with YouTube Kids and look forward to seeing Shrek take part in educating and inspiring kids to share their opinions," Birk Rawlings, Head of DreamWorksTV, said.

Check out the videos below and see how Shrek is educating the youth of America!


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