April 6, 2016

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Moms get pulled in every direction & it gets harder whenS ick just got real.™ #SickJustGotReal #AMomCanDream #giveaway #sponsored

The video and gift card have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Between over-packed schedules and play dates, sticky messes and scraped knees, late nights and early morning wake-up calls, you’ve been through it all. Some days it may seem the minute you even start thinking about a little “me” time, disaster strikes, and that’s only when everyone in the household is healthy! Add a sick little one to the mix and nothing else seems to matter.

As a working mom, when you add a sick kid to the mix, it totally throws off all schedules.   One parent must stay home and help the child get better, avoid getting sick themselves, etc.  All while making sure the other child still gets homework done, to soccer practice, choir practice, etc.  We have all been there before, we just want our loved ones healthy!   Sickness just got real and it is a pain in the butt, because kids get sick, no matter how much you do to prevent it!

As part of their Sick just got real.TM campaign, the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare have released a video depicting a small glimpse of what moms may feel and experience when their child is under the weather.

Can you relate?

Let me share with you one of those Sick just got real.™ moments that I went through.  I had it all planned out.  A surprise weekend away at a local hotel that had a small water-park inside.  The kids were ecstatic.  We would go shopping, out to eat, stay at a hotel and of course have a blast in the pool and on the water slides.
From the above picture, it looked like everything was going swimmingly.   The kids were loving it, we spent hours splashing and having fun.   After a while we walked next store to an Amish style restaurant for dinner.  It is all family style there and my son was a picky eater at the time.   When he refused to eat after we got charged for him, we figured he was just being picky.   We went back to the hotel and not a few minutes later the kid was sick everywhere.   Here we were away from home with a sick kid.... Sick Just Got Real.

Of course that meant no more water park for him and we stayed in the hotel room, after some rest he eventually felt more like normal. Not everything can go smooth and without a hitch.  We still had a great family weekend before little man fell under the weather.

Want to find ways to help if Sick just got real.™  hits your family?   You can find some great sick hacks like making Sneeze & Stow Tissue Box at the Sick just got real.™ website .  Don't forget to pick up some  Pfizer Consumer Healthcare products available at your local grocery store to help you be prepared when Sick just got real™ at your house!

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span style="font-size: x-small;">The video and gift card have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.


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