March 4, 2016

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Dip into Delicious Gluten and Guilt-Free Indulgences Made with Real Ingredients You Trust #ad

The summer months are quickly approaching so put a stop on those expanding waistlines with the typical temptations, and indulge in delicious delights that don’t sacrifice taste, your figure and dietary restrictions! Simply Shari’s gluten-free assorted shortbread cookie flavors are a delectable treat made with real ingredients that will have you saying yes to more!

Simply Shari’s gluten-free cookies are made of the finest and freshest ingredients you can trust and are packed with flavor and texture you can only imagine. Never before has a gluten-free shortbread cookie tasted so buttery! All of our products are made with real butter giving it chewy, moistness and superior taste.

Creator Shari Cole is a firm believer that using butter is important in baking. When a cookie is made of pure butter and combined with the perfect blend of gluten free flours, something magical occurs. Our shortbread cookies are simple yet have an amazing ability to satisfy.

Our ingredients are clean and GMO-free and we ensure every cookie turns out perfectly.  Simply Shari’s proudly displays the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) Recognition Seal and the Certified Gluten-Free (GF) Seal that show our products are tested and certified gluten free — now many fatigued celiac and gluten sufferers have a tasty snack to nibble on.  

The amazing Simply Shari’s cookies are available in plain, zesty lemon and aromatic almond. We also offer delicious chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies that your entire family will crave. These wonderful treats are great with ice cream, afternoon tea and much more! Prices range from $4.99-$5.99.
Simply Shari’s just launched a Kickstarter campaign so join Simply Shari in helping folks who struggle with celiac, autism and auto-immune diseases or just want to live a gluten-free lifestyle to get a delicious, tasty choice. For more information or to back this campaign please visit:

Shari created Simply Shari’s out of family necessity. With a celiac family member and a daughter mildly Autistic and gluten-intolerant, Shari worked the right combination of ingredients to make homemade, great-tasting gluten-free products. After witnessing the health improvements in her family, Shari took the recipes from the home kitchen to production. Now with fresh, attractive pricing, packaging and placement in thousands of stores, Simply Shari’s gluten-free tasty morsels can serve everyone looking for a healthier alternative to overly-processed foods.

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