December 14, 2015

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Poncho Clearance - $14.95 & FREE SHIPPING

This holiday season pricing is still going strong as Cents of Style continues to mark down ponchos to their lowest pricing of the year.

Styled Look Style Steals - 12/14/15 - Poncho Clearance - $14.95 & FREE SHIPPING w/code GIVEPONCHO.

Here are tips for styling Cents of Style Ponchos:

Style + comfort. Is there anything more you could want in a clothing item? Whether you already love the poncho trend or need a little convincing, here are a few reasons the poncho will remain a style staple in our closets. And probably should be one in yours.

1. Comfort. (Duh.) These babies are like being wrapped in a blanket, which pretty much makes them fashionableSnuggies. Um, what's not to love about that?

2. Style made easy. I LOVE style that I don't have to stress about. You know what I'm talking about -- Those dependable items in your closet that you can turn to again and again and just know you're going to look fantastic. Ponchos help you look pulled together without the stress.

3. They're the perfect solution for discretely transporting a family sized bag of Cheetos, a bottle of wine, a box of donuts...

4. They work year-round. Your heavier knit ponchos are ideal as an extra layer of warmth as the days lengthen into autumn and winter. For those spring days when you're so over that winter coat but it's just not quite warm enough to go without that extra layer, a poncho is a great alternative. Come those summer days, throw one on as a swim coverup, taking you from the beach to drinks.

5. By now you've probably seen this sweatshirt season meme, because, well, it's real people. The best news? This also applies to PONCHOS!

6. With the wide variety of shapes and styles, anyone and everyone can find a poncho that works for them. Patterns, bright colors, batwing, fringe, knits, hooded... your options are endless.

7. Just as there are a multitude of styles, there are just about as many ways to wear your poncho. Pair it with your favorite skinnies and look-at-me pumps for date night, or balance the volume on top by wearing your most comfortableleggings on the bottom. Go boho and pair it with flared jeans and a floppy hat, or play with your proportions and wear it over a knee-length skirt or dress. Accessorize with a scarf or layered necklaces.

8. Leave those old maternity pants in storage this holiday season, your poncho has plenty of give and space.

9. Traveling. Long flights can be miserable. Long flights in uncomfortable clothes are pretty much unbearable. Ponchos help you walk that fine line of wanting to be comfortable yet still look like a presentable, pulled together human being. (Especially if you'll be heading straight to see people just after stepping off the plane.) 

Styled Look Style Steals - 12/14/15 - Poncho Clearance - $14.95 & FREE SHIPPING w/code GIVEPONCHO


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