December 7, 2015

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Honeywell Easy to Care Removable Top Fill Console Humidifier perfect for this winter #sp #Giveaway

It’s no secret that low humidity levels in the home can affect your body (chapped lips, scratchy throat), but did you know that it can affect your home too? Today, the designers of Honeywell Humidifiers and Dr. Ted Myatt, an indoor air scientist, have released new research on how everyday household objects suffer under low humidity conditions. Among the items on the list – wood furniture, artwork, and even wine!

Humidifiers, like the new Honeywell Top Fill Console Humidifier is one option for protecting items around the home as it releases soothing, invisible moisture into the room.  Designed for large areas with two removable, top-fill and break-resistant water tanks. They can either be filled at the humidifier with a pitcher, or carried to the sink or tub to fill. This console humidifier is designed for use in multiple rooms and living spaces. Equipped with a refill light and “humidity reached” indicator, the new humidifier ensures easy operation and continuous comfort.

I suffer from allergies and asthma, so of course I was super excited to try out this humidifier.  Night time can be the worst time for me. I tend to be a sneezing hot mess and at time reaching for my emergency inhaler in the bedside table.   My doctor actually recommend that I get a humidifier!

The set up was quick and super easy, it took a matter of minutes to set up and have running.  It looks super heavy, but it is amazingly light weight! It also help it comes apart! I'm really impressed by how easy it is to fill and how well it brings moisture into our bedroom. I love not having to refill it often since the two water tanks hold enough water to keep it running for up to 24 hours.  I actually turn it off when we are not at home, so the double tanks are lasting a long time for me!

 Here are some advantages of using a humidifier in your home:
  • When you use a humidifier it helps to keep nasal passages moist.  It can help you recover more quickly from colds, allergy attacks and asthma symptoms.  Let alone help to relieve sinus pressure and prevent nose bleeds.
  • Did you know that running a humidifier will save you money on your heat bill? When you add the moisture to the air with your humidifier the air holds heat better.  So you won't need to crank up the thermostat as often. 
  • Keep your furniture looking beautiful with a humidifier.   Wood furniture can dry out and crack or warp without proper moisture in the air.
  • Helps reduce static electricity: Returning moisture to dry air helps reduce static shocks. 
  • They can help with snoring, chapped lips and more.
The Honeywell Easy to Care Removable Top Fill Console Humidifier is perfect for multi-room dry air relief.  It features a  unique design which makes filling, cleaning and care, easy.

First you need to wet the wicking filter and place it in the base. The wicking filter absorbs the water from the reservoir.  Then the fan pulls the dry air from the room into the humidifier where it passes through the saturated wicking filter.  The filter captures the minerals and other impurities from the water, before the moisture is evaporated back into the dry room with the help of the fan.

Dual removable top fill water tanks can be filled with a pitcher or carried to the sink or tub.

Easy to set comfort controls for humidity level & power setting.  The power setting features fast humidifying, everyday moisture control and a quiet setting.  You will want to turn the humidity level knob to the highest setting for  an hour or so until a comfortable level of humidity is reached.
Using a humidifier to keep nasal passages moist can help you recover more quickly from colds, allergy attacks and asthma symptoms, relieve sinus pressure and prevent nose bleeds. - See more at:

Key Features
• Dual removable, top fill water tanks
• Refill light
• Humidity reached indicator
• Simple, intuitive controls
• Uses a wicking filter
• Runs up to 24 hours between fillings
• Two water tanks, 3 gallon total capacity

Price & Availability
• SRP $99.99 with a 3-Year Limited Warranty
• Available in black and white
• Available at Walmart, Meijer, Amazon

This winter you can breathe easy with a  Honeywell Easy to Care Removable Top Fill Console Humidifier.   

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