September 3, 2015

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Saying goodbye to our family dog Jack

Pets are very much part of your lives, they are the ones who curl up against you when you are sick, stare at you with sad eyes when you cry, show unconditional love, get excited to see you whenever you walk through the door.  As they start to age, you see the gray in their muzzle, the gray around their eyes, a little less pep in their step.

Thirteen years ago we found our Jack as a small puppy (about 6 weeks old) in our yard.  He was so small and innocent.  We were not planning on getting another dog, but when he showed up, how could we not take him in.  Those warm brown eyes showed so much love.   He became our best friend, the dog who did not need a leash, who knew his boundaries, protected the kid, gave sloppy wet kisses, laid with me as I cried myself to sleep after my miscarriage, ran around the yard chasing the kids, he was our boy.

In the last few weeks we noticed he had lost some weight, he was still his normal loving self.  The week he took a turn for the worse.  We noticed his eyes had glossed over and you could no longer see those beautiful brown eyes.  They were replaced by whiteness.  He no longer opens those eyes, instead he keeps them closed.  When we would call, he would not come.  He could not hear us.  We thought we could make it to the weekend, then last night we watched as he got lost in our yard.  He could not even find his way down the hall without walking into something.

My husband and I cried and cried. We knew we could not be selfish, he was in pain.   My husband lifted him on to the bed and he slept there between us all night.  We awoke to him deteriorating even more.  We could of taken the easy way out and not told the kids our plan.  Instead we woke them, so they could have quality time with him and get a chance to say goodbye.  Jack always attacked Noah with an arsenal of kisses, today it was a couple of small kisses on Noah's nose.   Paige the lover of all animals, held him in her arms and told him how much she loved him and would miss him.  I know it will be hard on the kids, but they needed this time with him.  I could not, not have them say goodbye.

Once alone, I sit here and rub his belly.  I tell him what an amazing dog he has been and he no longer needs to hold on.  He was been the  protector, the lover, the smiler (he would curl his lips and smile at us) and above all a member of this family.   He is very much loved and will be missed.

It only takes a few seconds to say goodbye to someone you love, but it will take the rest of your life to forget them, because the memory lives on forever in your heart.

Goodbye Jack, you were the best and we love you and will miss you everyday!


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