March 19, 2015

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How to host a Russell Madness Movie Night! #RussellMadness #RussellInsiders @FHEInsiders

Russell Madness tells the story of Russell, an undersized but big-hearted terrier who dreams of having a family of his own. After running away from his pet store, Russell gets taken in by The Ferraros, a family desperate to revive their grandfather’s pro wrestling arena. That’s when they discover their new pet pooch has incredible wrestling skills. With help from his coach, Hunk, a savvy and hilarious monkey, Russell rockets to the top of the pro wrestling world and becomes a famous sports superstar!

  Last weekend we gathered the family around  to enjoy this great family film!  Russell is scared little pup looking for his forever home, little does he know when the Ferraro family move back to Portland that not only will they help him overcome his fears, but he will help them too!

Crazy antics ensue when you mix together a talking monkey, a pooch who pees when he is frightened and the world of wrestling.  The Ferraro family only intend on staying one year to revive the wrestling arena and turn a profit and then they can move back to San Diego, then Russell enters their lives with a bang.  Russell helps the family learn that working all day and night and is not what is important, but the time spent with each other as a family.  The Ferraros along with Hunk help Russell overcome his fears and find his true calling a pro wrestling pup!  This is an adorable film the whole family will love!
Thanks to the great folks at Fox Home Entertainment, they sent me a party pack to get ready for the Madness! My kit includes coupons for Minute Rice, Cold Stone Creamery and Joy Cone  to make watching Russell Madness that much sweeter!

Make it a family movie night with these steps:

  1. Get the movie from your favorite retailer or a Digital HD version from retailers like Amazon!
  2.  Grab the family for a fun filled night with food, ice cream and a great movie!
  3. Check out the Free Family Movie Night Activity Pack here or use all the goodies I have below!
  4. Join the excitement and Tweet along with #RussellMadness
Plan the perfect party with invites, activities and more:

Fun activity sheets:


  • Minute® Rice, a family staple since 1949, is the original instant rice and is the perfect foundation to any well-rounded meal.  With several gluten-free varieties, including White Rice, 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice and 100% Multi-Grain Medley, there’s an option everyone in your family will enjoy.  Plus if you’re in a time crunch, let Minute® Ready to Serve Rice help as it’s ready in just 60 seconds!  
  • Using Minute® Rice products you’ll spend less time in the kitchen, so you’ll have more time with the ones you love.  
  • For product information and recipe inspiration visit 

Years ago, I visited Japan and got hooked on Curry and Rice.  Since I was sent a coupon for a free pack of Minute Rice, figured it was perfect night to make it for the family!
  • Cut 1 to 1-1/2 lbs of lean chicken 
  • In a large skillet, sauté  chicken in oil until lightly browned, about 3 minutes. If desired, add carrots, potato, celery, or just about any vegetable you like. Discard excess oil.
  • Add 3 cups of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until meat (and potato) is tender, about 10 minutes.
  • Break Golden Curry Sauce Mix  into small pieces and add to pot stirring until it is completed melted.
  • Simmer for another 5 minutes or so stirring constantly. (If sauce becomes too thick, just add water)
  • Pour over freshly cooked rice.
You may increase or decrease the amount of vegetables and meat by as much as 50% if you wish.


  • Cold Stone Creamery delivers the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience through a community of franchisees who are passionate about ice cream. The secret recipe for smooth and creamy ice cream is hand-crafted and made fresh in each store, and then customized by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone.
  • Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone Creamery is a subsidiary of Kahala Brands™, one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world, with a portfolio of 15 quick-service restaurant brands. Cold Stone Creamery operates more than 1,500 locations in 26 countries.
  • For more information about Cold Stone Creamery, visit

Make sure you check out Hunk’s Banana Split Decision™! Stop in to your favorite Cold Stone Creamery and pick up a coupon good towards $2 OFF Russell Madness on Blu-ray™ or DVD!  

We also got to enjoy a fabulous ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery -  Midnight Delight®
Perfect, any time of the day!  Sometimes you just want chocolate. Chocolate upon chocolate. And fudge. And maybe some Devil’s Food Cake. Is that wrong? No. Is that awesome? Yes.  If you are looking for your chocolate fix, this is the cake for you.  My family has now asked for these cakes for their birthdays!

Joy is an independent, family-owned and operated business, practicing the art of cone baking for over 95 years. We've been owned and operated by one family since 1918. Our employees are a part of that family. It explains how we have managed to build a very successful operation. Our success comes from considering the needs of our employees and their families.

For more information about Joy Cone, visit

Disclosure: I am a Fox Home Entertainment Insider.  I received a copy of this movie and party supplies! No other compensation was received and any opinions expressed are my own


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