March 2, 2015

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@HallmarkeCards opens up the vaults to create virtual greetings from decades past
Hallmark opens up the vaults to create virtual greetings from decades past
Hallmark Cards has cracked open its century-old archives. Hallmark eCards’ new web experience, called “Time Machine,” allows users to travel back in time and experience what Hallmark cards were like from the 1920s through today. Have you ever wondered what kind of greeting cards people sent in the 1950s? This new collection of eCards were inspired by actual Hallmark greeting cards sent from decades past. Users can choose their favorite decade and select an eCard that brings a greeting card from these eras to animated life.

The cards feature topics ranging from the expected (a dancing pair of platform shoes from a 1970’s birthday card) to the politically incorrect (a wife threatening her husband with a rolling pin – circa 1950) to the totally surprising (Santa mooning the recipient, in an unconventional 1940s holiday greeting).

They also offer a fascinating glimpse into the way Americans lived in decades past. Travel was more rare and therefore celebrated: cards abound for cruises (“Bon Voyage!”) and plane trips (“Happy Landings!”). Smoking was more common, if the “up in smoke” birthday card (1950s) is any indication.

“We are excited to open up a window into how America used to communicate, and how that’s evolved over time,” said Dan Kessler, general manager of Hallmark eCards. “These cards are certainly a unique send, but you could also spend hours browsing through them. I think everyone will be fascinated by this thoroughly fun trip through time.”

“There are over 100 years of brilliant craftsmanship and artwork that we’re to share with public digitally,” said Rob Fried, CEO of SpiritClips LLC, the Hallmark subsidiary responsible for eCards and the Feeln streaming service. “This is just the beginning.”


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