January 14, 2015

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Justice and their poor customer service. Shame on them! @JusticeForGirl

At the beginning of the month, I ordered my daughter a soccer hoodie from Justice. She is on a traveling soccer team and some of the girls wear Justice Soccer outfits.  She had been looking at them and I knew she would love one, so when I saw the sale, I had to jump at the chance to get one for her.   It was on sale and in stock, it was so cute and we were anxiously awaiting its arrival.   If you have a young daughter, you how they all want to fit in and wear what the others girls are wearing.  We had never purchased anything from Justice prior to this online purchase Well they cancelled my order over a week after it was ordered.   Now my little soccer cutie is without her coveted soccer hoodie.

Well when you order an item online it tells you what sizes in stock and her size was in stock.  Heck even this past week it was still in stock and for sale.  Still for sale today, now sizes are limited.  So I took to their customer service chat to ask why it was cancelled.  Their reasoning...out of stock. The lady on the other end said she they would be "happy to replace that item with an alternative/like item, if you would like".  I asked what would be a comparable item and then gave an example of another soccer hoodie I was looking for.  The agent responded the new hoodie I was looking at was not on sale and Justice would charge me the full price.  

My first ever order with them gets cancelled. So mind you this is my first experience with them ever as buyer. They offer up a great offer a similar item, but then nope they come back and say the can not sub in that hoodie.   I ask for a supervisor and get crickets.  Ask again and just wait and wait. Let me tell your a chat online is agony... the folks on the other end just make you wait and wait.  Let alone between comments, it is a waiting game, you hope they answer.  A supervisor finally comes on and states I can only get a hoodie that is $5 more than the one I ordered.  Well there are ZERO soccer hoodies in that price range.  I ask why they never mentioned that an alternative/like item must fall into the $5 range.  They knew there were no soccer hoodies in that price range, none are on sale.  I asked if I could get a percentage off coupon to help reduce one to make it comparable.  Then they offer me up $10 off.  Really... their hoodies are around $48, I scored one on sale for around $15 (when they had the 40% off sale and they price was reduced too).  So now they are offering me a $48 for $38.  How does that seem like a fair trade, don't forget the $6 shipping too.  I still would be paying double the cost of the original hoodie.   The rep then tells me if I need further help to contact them via phone and disconnects my chat.  Really...more run arounds.

Well wait it gets better my PayPal still has the charges pending.  Justice told me they cancelled the order and I had to open a dispute with PayPal. I follow up with PayPal and they said if Justice really did cancel my order then it should be posted on PayPal system immediately. Now I am told by PayPal to make sure that Justice's authorization was already canceled, so they can release the funds for me and put it back on my PayPal balance.

As of right now I am out of the item I ordered and the money I paid is in LIMBO.    Shame on Justice and their poor customer service.  I have never been so upset with a company, I am in shock on how they treat their customers.


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