November 6, 2014

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#DIY Tiki costume #halloween

Each year I try and design my kid's Halloween costumes.  My son is usually more game then my daughter!  Last year my son was Steve from Minecraft, this year he wanted to be a Tiki, so of course I had to oblige!  The entire costume cost under $10 to make, can't even but a costume in the store for $10!

Tiki Face:
 I took a large cardboard box and used one of the sides to draw on a face.  I found an image on line and drew the face on freehand and marked what colors we wanted to use on the face.

Next up was painting the mask.  I used acrylic paint from the craft store (normally $.50 a bottle).  It dried really fast on the cardboard, so painting went fast.   Some areas needed two coats (lighter colors).

Here you can see the  finished product before cutting it out!  The area not painted is the eye area that will be cut out further along in the process.    I used craft scissors and an exacto knife to cut out the mask.

Then, we bought a two hula skirts at the dollar store and  a couple of leis.  I had originally planned on using the leis around the mask, but instead we wrapped them around ankles on wrists.  

I tried using glue to secure the skirt around the head, but that did not work.  I was fearful staples would show through or irritate little man.  So on top of the glue, I applied Duct Tape and the skirt attached perfectly to the backside of the mask.  Next we had to make it wearable! We took an old baseball hat  that had a black strap and clasped it  through the eye hole. The hat was worn backwards on his head and I took the second skirt and taped it over the hat so it and the back of his head was covered!  

Feather the skirt around the hat and face to your liking.  Depending on the height of your tiki, you may need to trim the bottom of the skirt that hits the floor.

Pair with khaki pants and a dark shirt and tiki is ready for a night out!


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