June 22, 2014

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Kiss everlasting French Manicure

I am posting this for a friend. She is the one who received the items below:
As a member of Influenster, I received a box of complimentary Kiss everlasting French Manicure nails in the Spring Fling Vox Box to try out.

I work in a warehouse and for safety reasons, we are not allowed to have long nails because they can cause injuries. And to be really honest, I don't care much for the nail salon because it's expensive---and who has time for it anyway? I also grew up in the 80s and have flashbacks to the "press on" nails that would always fall off and never looked good.

I was very excited to receive a box of the "real short" length because they would fall within our dress code policies at work. They were very easy to put on, though I did have some issues with the glue not working well. There was either too much so I glued my natural nail to the underneath part or not enough so one actually popped off just a day later. The patented tabs made them very easy to place on my nails without gluing my fingers together.

I received many compliments on my nails and how nice they looked. They lasted at least a week (more than a week is not recommended) and are very high quality. 

My only complaint is the box size---you receive 28 nails in the box which could be enough for 2 sets of nail, except that you only receive 2 of each nail---which is enough for one set. The rich white tips did not chip and have lasted looking nice the entire week. 



The ultimate French manicure that never chips—guaranteed. Rich white smile line looks like you just left the salon; file to any shape with no tip wear. Offered in Real Short, an everyday length with our patented tabs for an easier application that eliminates messy glue on fingers--and Medium length, a great fit for longer nail beds. Available in Flat and Regular nail arches with Flex-Fit Technology to ensure ultra-comfort and a perfect fit!

What you'll get:
  • 28 French Nails (14 Sizes)
  • Pink Gel Glue (2g)
  • Mini File
  • Manicure Stick


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