June 4, 2014

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Coppertone: Making the Sunscreen Grade program

With summer here, it’s time for families to get smart about sun protection.   Tomorrow is my kids' field day at school and they will be wearing sun screen.  Then this weekend to celebrate little man's 7th birthday and end of school this week we will be hitting an amusement park.  You better believe the entire family will be covered in sun screen!

This is the 2nd year of the Making the Sunscreen Grade program, which empowers parents, teachers and camp counselors to set strong examples for children by integrating healthy sun habits.

Join Coppertone® in Making the Sunscreen Grade

Depending on where your child goes to school, the options for sun protection during recess and other outdoor activities may differ. Parents may not be aware of all the information available to them on this topic. That’s why, the makers of Coppertone® provide parents with information, tools and tips on how to be a sun-savvy role model and navigate sun protection during the school day, at summer camp and year-round.

Although you may be applying sunscreen to your child before school, summer camp or family fun, ideally it should be reapplied every two hours or after swimming, sweating or towel drying, especially during outdoor activities to avoid potentially risking unsafe sun exposure and sunburns.
When it comes to protecting children from the sun’s rays, knowledge is power. As role models for children, parents, school nurses, camp counselors, administrators, teachers and doctors can play a key role in instilling sun-smart habits in children by becoming sun savvy themselves.


  • Ideas on how to practice sun-savvy super hero behavior
  • Tips for initiating a conversation on sun protection options with school administrators
  • Activities for summer family fun
  • Sun protection advice from Dr. Ana M. Duarte, a pediatric dermatologist and consultant to the makers of Coppertone®
  • Surprising facts and figures about the sun
With some sun sense, you can be a sun-savvy role model to help ensure that your family’s summer moments are a little sunnier.
1 http://www.skincancer.org/prevention/sunburn

  • According to results of an Australian survey, parents who use sunscreen while outdoors with their children, increased the odds of their children practicing sun-smart behaviors. · Sunscreen is still critical even at school. 
  • Last month, a Houston elementary school boy arrived home with severe sunburns leaving his mother outraged and a school investigation underway.


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