December 29, 2013

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Free Children #Kindle books to add to your collection!

Prices are subject to change at anytime!

The Disneyland Quest Kindle Price: $0.00
15 year-old Dizzy Walker and his younger sister Ana are about to meet their mom's new boyfriend, Steve, and his son, Travis, for the first time. To make the introduction go smoothly, Steve offers to pay for Dizzy and his family to meet in Disneyland; Dizzy's favorite place in the world.

When they arrive at the theme park, they learn about a once in a lifetime treasure hunt called The Disneyland Quest. Clues are hidden throughout Disneyland, leading the quest participants to the combination of a vault set up on Main Street and the $250,000 prize inside.

Dizzy, Ana, and Travis must work together in a race against the clock, thousands of opponents, and the mysterious man in red who follows them throughout the quest. Friendship, perseverance, and trust are all put to the test in The Disneyland Quest.

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie Kindle Price: $0.00

Legend of Herobrine's Mansion: A Minecraft Novel (Based on True Story) Kindle Price: $0.00

The Snow Queen (Fairy eBooks) Kindle Price: $0.00

These are mini books that lead up the first book in series. My daughter loves them!
Ever After High: Briar Beauty's Story Kindle Price: $0.00

Ever After High: Raven Queen's Story Kindle Price: $0.00

Ever After High: Ashlynn Ella's Story Kindle Price: $0.00

Ever After High: Madeline Hatter's Story Kindle Price: $0.00

Ever After High: Hunter Huntsman's Story Kindle Price: $0.00

Ever After High: Apple White's Story Kindle Price: $0.00

Kindle Books that are part of series that are not free:

An exclusive 10-page bonus story for Ever After High: Storybook of Legends--The Tale of Two Sisters!"
Ever After High: The Tale of Two Sisters Kindle Price: $1.99

Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends Kindle Price: $8.89


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