November 26, 2013

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Turbo Goal Kits #TurboFastFun

My kids are a fan of the movie Turbo  and as a Fox Insider I was sent two "Turbo Goal Kits" to help them  do things "Turbo Fast" including chores/things around the house! My son was so excited about the kit and wanted to learn all about the stopwatch.

The stopwatch hangs around his neck at all times and he is constantly timing how fast he can do things.  He makes it a race and then of course tells his sister, I bet you!  My time was better.   Once it came, his first thing he did was time his teeth brushing.  Well that was a flop, he had his teeth done in record time, so instead of going super fast on the teeth, I encouraged him to see if he could get as close to a minute as possible!  Somethings are okay to rush, but definitely not teeth!

My kids are great about helping around the house, but man, you give them a goal chart, stickers and see if they can get done what you ask each day in a certain amount of time, it is truly amazing!  My kids are scurrying around the house to get things done and I love it.   My son then of course asked what happens when the week is full.. hubby replied but different stickers over the first ones!  So now they are on week 2.  It is really making them more conscientious and they are honestly having a blast while doing chores.  Some chores/goals listed were:  feed dogs, empty lunch bags from school, wash breakfast dishes, help pack lunches, make beds, etc.

The kits included:
  • A goal (chore) chart with stickers
  • Blue stopwatch
  • Light-up Turbo headband
  • Pullback Turbo racer/action figure
  • Word magnets
  • Notebook

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Check out all these fun activities for you and the kids!  Click to enlarge each image to print!

Disclosure: I am a Fox Home Entertainment Insider.  I received two kits. .  No other compensation was received and any opinions expressed are my own


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