October 14, 2013

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#Homemade #Minecraft Steve Halloween Head Costume

My son is 6 and loves Minecraft.  He is only allowed to play it on the weekends for about 30 min each day.  I am not sure what it is about that game he loves.  One day we were playing with a box and I cut holes in it to make a robot head, then I glanced at his wall and noticed his Minecraft poster.  I then turned it into a make shift Creeper head.  So of course when asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said Minecraft Steve.  I looked online and being frugal, I got not see paying $32 for a cardboard head!  So I grabbed a box from our basement and paint and went to work.  I only bought six tubes of paint at $.69 each!  So it only cost me about $4.14 to make!

I found this template and went to work from there!

  1. Find a box that does not have a lot of print on it and it must be able to fit over child's head comfortably. I used an old white gift box.  Start drawing out the boxes/grid.  It is 8 boxes by 8 boxes.  Mine equaled out to be about 1.125 inches each based on my box size
  2. I picked out about 11 colors that I thought would work and started numbering the grid based on my color selection.  I numbered the top of each bottle, so I would know exactly which color to use.  I had the majority of colors on hand, but picked up about 5 at JoAnns for $.69 each.  It also helps to number the paints on your paint tray/plate!
  3. I made each side an exact copy, so it would be easier that way. It is easier to do the light colors, then the black squares, followed by the dark brown hair.
  4. For the hair areas, I found it easiest to paint the black squares, then the brown.  I also did a light brown wash over the black so it would blend better.
  5. After paint dries, feel free to spray with an acrylic spray to keep the paint intact. (optional)
  6. Once complete cut out the black eye area for the child to see thru.   You may also want to cut a small slit in the top of the black mouth as well.
  7. Layer a long sleeve white shirt with a blue tee over it and jeans.  Instant Steve!

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