October 31, 2013

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Fun #Free Zombie Kids Apps for Halloween!

This time of year, zombie’s are everywhere! But that doesn’t mean that the un-dead have to be as scary as the monsters on your favorite AMC TV show. Kids can even have fun with the undead now too! Check out these frightfully cool apps just in time for trick or treating!

Doctor X: The Zombie’s Surgeon (TabTale):  This awesome app isn’t about destroying zombies, there’s a twist--you’ll be helping them! Cure the zombies and make sure they’re fit for Halloween! Youngsters will sew them up, remove the nails in their bodies and learn medical skill basics in between! This special zombie game is another edition in the popular Doctor X series, and is appropriate for children of all ages.  

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (PopCap): The second installment of a popular cartoon strategy game made for kids, although it may be a little scary for the little ones.  In this app, the plants take on the undead invaders and destroy them in creative (and non-violent) ways. Kids won’t be able to resist comical characters and the plants that save the day! This version is an updated on the original, wildly popular game and features powerful new plants to take on all of the zombies!

Zombie Wonderland (Chillingo Ltd.): A cartoonish game designed for older kids, but entertaining and fun-- and its strategy requires some critical thinking! Our hero in this game is a “zombie cleaner” who both cleans up after the undead & takes down a couple of zombies along the way.  There are plenty of guts here, but the kids will likely find them funny anyway!

The Creeps (Super Squawk Software, LLC): In this fun app that’s similar in style to Plants vs. Zombies, the user has to defend a tower from approaching zombies, and keep them from getting under the bed!  Complete different levels with tools around the house like glue bottles and flashlights! Each level has a different theme and is sure to entertain the kids for hours on end!


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