August 11, 2013

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RC Helicopter only $13.99 + shipping

Talon FX 3 Ch RC Helicopter

Amazing Precision and Control!

$39.95 $13.99
Shipping: $4.99
Coupon code: FLIGHT
Price After Coupon: $10.99
Get ready to grab the controls of the coolest helicopter around and take flight! Crafted from metal and ultra durable plastic, the Metro Design RC is also one of the toughest helicopters around. But that doesn't slow it down! Quick, responsive, and incredibly agile, it's great for pilots of all skill levels. Plus, the Talon FX by Metro Design RC features one of the greatest advancements in Helicopter Technology, a Gyro! No more crashing, no more replacing parts, the Gyro has changed RC helicopters forever, making them super maneuverable and extremely easy to fly. Take your pick from either red, black or blue colors to rule the sky!

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  1. That's a great price! My son-in-law bought one a couple years ago and paid much more