July 19, 2013

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zulily Marvel/DC Sale & Super Hero Backdrop

image credit:  zulily
The comic book worlds of Marvel and DC have always been at different ends of the fandom universe. Whether illustrated, animated, paneled or filmed, these two superhero dynasties have never fought bad guys in the same city as one another … until now! Join the Avengers and the Justice League as they share the streets of zu-tropolis in this superhero lover’s paradise and promote the Marvel and DC up to 65% sale at zulily starting on 7/19.

DIY Super Hero Backdrop

Perfect for photo ops or as a backdrop for an extra-cool playdate, the super hero backdrop is super easy to put together. To give it a true comic book feel, keep the colors black and white, with pops of primary hues for the signs. 1. First, go to http://blog.zulily.com/post/51252661500/up-up-away-diy-set
. 2. You will need to create the buildings that will make up the background. Shannon took standard foam core and cut it to size. You can do this or use white clothing boxes if you have those lying around.
3. Then, decorate your buildings to bring them to life. We recommend colored duct tape, electrical tape or artist tape. Find a pencil and yardstick for measuring and marking if you want to be extra precise.
4. Stand up the buildings by taping them with double-sided tape to spare boxes or bricks.
5. Finally, add your comic book words – Bam! Pow! Wham! You can have the kids draw their own or find signs you like and print them out.


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