May 16, 2013

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Coppertone Launches Program to Help Protect Children in Schools

Did you know that currently, school policies affecting sunscreen usage vary from state to state and potentially even within school districts?
I know when my kids have field day, we can  only apply sunscreen in the morning before the bus and then if we as parents go to field day and apply sunscreen later!  Although you may be applying sunscreen to your child before they get on the school bus, ideally it should be reapplied by the time a midday recess begins, to avoid potentially risking unsafe sun exposure and sunburns.
Today, Coppertone is launching the Making the Sunscreen Grade program, which educates parents with tools and information on how to help protect their children from the sun and enables them to start a conversation with their schools to make sun protection a priority during the school day.
As part of the program, Coppertone is offering parents tips they can use to make sun protection important in school and year-round. Below are a few examples:
  • Ask your school administrator for more information on your district’s policy around sunscreen and what (if any) sun protection methods are permitted. Policies can differ, so you may want to ask if sunscreen, hats or sunglasses are allowed during outdoor activities and if any permission is necessary. 
  • Any child who plays sports is inevitably going to spend a lot of time in the sun. But you can minimize your child’s sun exposure to UV rays by asking coaches to provide shade for sidelined players and check that water is readily available to prevent dehydration.
  • Sun sense begins at home. Dress your kids in sun-protective clothing and make sunscreen application part of your morning ritual before your kids go outside and go to school.
You can view program information and download a sun protection guide on the website here.


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