May 15, 2013

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5 Infant Safety Tips

The below info, provided by SafeMart, an international leader in home and personal security, will help new parents take proper safety precautions and react swiftly in the case of an emergency. 

1) Accidents will happen, but being prepared is the best prevention. Keep a list of emergency numbers handy in several locations around the house so that you can get help at a moment’s notice. If you always keep your phone on you, program the numbers into your contacts with clear names such as “EMERGENCY,” “PEDIATRICIAN” or “INFANT WARD” so you know who to call even when you are panicked.

2) You would probably love to watch your newborn all day and all night, but with so much to do that is simply not possible. You have to catch up on all sorts of tasks while your infant rests, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your eye on him or her. Surveillance cameras in your child’s bedroom provide live look-ins on your infant during naptime. Many surveillance cameras include access to streaming video from your computer or mobile device.

3) Many parents also use baby monitors to listen while their newborn sleeps so they can hear if anything goes wrong. However, sometimes trouble does not make a sound, particularly if your newborn is rolling or bumping into the side of the crib. A motion detector can help parents know that their child has woken up or is in danger of rolling into an unsafe position.

4) Babies are naturally curious, so we need to make sure that dangerous household supplies are out reach. Lock up any chemical cleaning products, and make sure to keep your newborn away while you use the products.

5) Place an extra smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the nursery or your child’s room, even if there are no noticeable fire hazards. If a fire starts while your newborn is napping, a smoke detector may be the only way to know.

Having a newborn child in the house should be a time of joy for new parents. These easy-to-follow tips can alleviate some of the natural worry of infancy and help you keep your child safe in the home.

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  1. Thanks for these tips! I don't know how I feel about video monitors but it's something to consider.