February 21, 2013

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Zike Flyby Scooter #Giveaway

Review and Giveaway by: Elitemama

About Zike
Zike LLC is a revolutionary company that is passionate about creating the next generation of revolutionary new human powered products. Their new freestyle hybrid scooters are an innovative combination of both a bicycle and scooter that are unlike others on the planet. Zike is dedicated to commitment and excellence to providing well built, quality products. They hope to have a positive difference on peoples lives by combining fun and fitness with their environmentally friendly transportation. 

Zike's vision is simply not about being a one hit wonder or a one product success, but a passion for a continual and inventive steps for the future.They strive to "look at things differently". The goal for Zike is to consistently challenge the imagination and to constantly improve Zike's products. They strive daily to be their own best competition!

For over 100 years bikes have been a world wide consumer. With 27 patents pending, Zike has pioneered a radical rethink. From meeting the needs of green initiatives to fighting childhood obesity, Zike's vision is leading the was by showing the world a whole new generation of scooters and bikes. Fun, exercise and transportation, Zike is launching a whole new way of looking at the Magic of Motion

My Review: 
To be honest, we have not had a chance to use the Zike Flyby Scooter yet... After I received the product a couple days later mother nature decided it was time for us to get some snow. What do you expect for Wisconsin, lol. It seems the snow over here is never going to end. If it's not snowing one day, it's raining and then the next thing you know your ice skating all over the sidewalks. 

As you can see, I took a picture of this snow that has prevented us from having a good time with the flyby. If you look close you can also see some chunks of ice in there as well. It's not fun to walk in, trust me. My kids and I have to ice skate to my sons school and back home. There is a lot off falling, tripping and so on and so forth. But, enough about that, lol. Oh, that's another thing, now, I had some pictures of the Zike taken out of the box showing you what it looks like, how many pieces have to be assembled and all, but the phone took some pretty crappy photos so I wasn't able to add those... You do get to see the Zike assemble though.

This is the Zike Flyby Scooter. It was extremely simple to put together. My kids could have done it if they wanted to but I wouldn't let them though, lol. The only thing you have to put on is the front wheel, the handlebar and make some adjustments on the brakes. That's it!! It's simple to assemble. There is no need to fill any tires either so once you have this baby put together, you are ready to roll.

These are a few pictures of what the chain, petals, kick stand and all that other stuff looks like. I did try it out in the basement just to see if everything was adjusted right (and to make sure I didn't screw anything up, lol) and it works great. It did take a bit to get used to. I guess maybe it's because I haven't rode a bike or scooter in over 5 years that I forgot how these things work. Yes, 5+ years... Don't hate, lol. After I got the hang of it it was simple and fun to use for a short period of time because of the limited space the basement has. Here is some information on the Flyby Scooter:

The Flyby is the new cutting-edge phenomenon for kids ages 7 and up.  A step up from the HotShot, the Flyby has a double chain system that can generate higher speeds.  Well-built on a sleek, durable frame, this hybrid scooter takes the traditional scooter experience to a whole new level!  No more pushing and coasting.  It's time to fly!

·         Fast, double-bracket chain system
·         9-inch polyurethane tires for less maintenance
·         Designed for ages 7 to 10
·         Designed for moderate speed and easy pedaling
·         Handlebar and shaft detach from the frame in one step for easy storage

Here is a fun video of Zike's products in action:

And now for the moment you have been waiting for. This is the best part! I'm already shaking with excitement =) 


One lucky reader will win a Zike Flyby Scooter! The retail value for this product is $249.
To enter this giveaway you must be 18 years or older, or have your parents permission to enter.
Giveaway begins Febuary 21, 2013 and will ends March 7, 2013
Open to the US only
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  1. My 10 year old son would love this. Thank you


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    ashley_brooke_h @hotmail.com

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