November 1, 2012

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"The Last Man Standing" Starring Tim Allen on ABC

I was recently sent two new episodes from the second season of “Last Man Standing,” the ABC sitcom starring Tim Allen that moves to Friday nights starting Friday, November 2nd at 8/7c.  I do admit that I don't watch this series regularly, but have caught a few episodes in the past.   The first thing I did notice is that they have recast the eldest daughter, her son and the son's father.  I was thrown at first, but once I figured out who the new people were, I could get into the show!

The premiere airs the Friday prior to Election Day, and in that spirit the producers have the characters engage in the same spirited debate taking place at kitchen tables across the country: Obama or Romney? Like the great family comedies of the past, from “All in the Family” to “Roseanne,” the show aims to be topical, relatable and real, as humorous as it is provocative.  In Voting the middle daughter is at the age to finally be able to vote and Tim Allen's character and the eldest daughter try and persuade her to vote their way.  The show also touches on the importance of voting, understanding all the facts and that it is your decision!

I was also able to view the episode Circle of Life where avid hunter Mike (Tim Allen) gives his grandson Boyd an eye-opening education about where his food really comes from. Will this information result in a rejection of eating meat, as Boyd’s vegetarian father (Jordan Masterson) hopes? Or will Mike manage to remake his grandson in his own unabashedly meat-loving image?  If you have kids and not ready to tell them where the food they are eating comes from, then don't let them watch this episode.   The show touches on a variety of topics in a short amount of time:  vegetarianism, religion, theft, death, etc.  I did have a few issues with this episode, one was Boyd's father stating his disbelief in God...  I know everyone has a right to their own belief, but it did bother me.  Another issue was Tim Allen pointing to his canine teeth and telling his 5 year old grandson that we have those teeth to "rip the flesh of animal".  I have a 5 year old son and I would be mortified if someone talked to him like that

 Executive producer Tim Doyle explains, “the show has adopted an attitude that dealing with serious, real life issues can result in a smarter, more relatable sitcom. It's a family show in the truest sense -- a show about a recognizable American family.”

The show is a comedy and does have some really funny parts as it does also touch on important issues as well.

Disclosure:  I received an advanced screening of two episodes of this series.  No forms of compensation were received. 


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