November 6, 2012

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Kids growing out of clothes? Check out Goodwill

I have two kids, one is on the tall side while my other is a shorty!  My daughter is growing like a weed and just grew out of all the jeans I bought for the start of school in August.  I bought her running pants at the beginning of soccer season and they looked like capris by the end of the season. So a week ago we stopped at Crazy 8 and picked her up a couple of pairs of jeans for $8-$10 each, so she wouldn't look like she was waiting for a flood.  But 2 pair of jeans would not be enough at the rate she is growing. 

Today I had a doctor's appointment out of town and there was a HUGE Goodwill in the shape of a barn and silo close to the office.  After my appointment I decided to check it out and I was surprised at my findings!   Kid clothing was all $2 each and coats were $3.50each.   I picked up four pair of jeans, four pair of running pants (name brand - NIKE/Adidas), Umbro shorts, NlIKE cleats and two long sleeved shirts for $25.63!

It gets better!  The cashier asked if I was on the email list for all the Goodwill in the State and I said no.  She signed me up and now I will be getting coupons, yes coupons to Goodwill and emails of deals.  I also got a card to get stamped for every $10 I spend and once filled I get 35% off my next purchase!

Sometimes we forget about the local Goodwill stores when we are in need of items.  I donate all my kid clothes there as well as some of outs, but I rarely shop there myself.   After today's score,  I will be definitely hitting Goodwill when my kids' ankles are showing and in the need of new pants!


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