September 19, 2012

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Self Improvement Month: How Busy Moms Can Get Involved

September is self improvement month and here are a few ways that moms can get a healthy start this fall and take small steps for their overall wellness.

It's not easy to keep up a healthy routine once the temperature starts to drop and along with a decrease in our activity level this can lead to harmful effects on the body, whether its weight gain or a cold. Between rushing kids to and from sports practices and running errands in the cold, the change of season may take a toll on your body.

Below are some great options to keep moms and their bodies up to speed and to help combat common problems they may face this fall:
1.)    When you start to feel a cold coming on Cold-EEZE is the perfect remedy to have in your medicine cabinet. Taken at the first sign, or anytime, Cold-EEZE is clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold and severity of cold symptoms including cough, sore throat, hoarseness, nasal congestion, and/or post nasal drip. Cold-EEZE is available in NEW Daytime/Nighttime QuickMelts which dissolve quickly in your mouth without water, Lozenges, and Oral Spray.

2.)    A cup of hot chocolate is hard to resist during cold nights but it unfortunately helps pack on a few unwanted pounds. Medifast's Hot Cocoa is a healthy way to enjoy the warm treat - packed with essential nutrients, you won't have to feel guilty after drinking a cup to stay warm.

3.)    Once your little athletes start hitting the fields, you might start feeling just as worn out as they do after practices. Keep your energy up the healthy way with Rev 3 Energy Drink - the cleaner, smarter, stronger alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks.

4.)    Early morning workouts will get harder once it starts getting darker and colder - instead of hitting the pavement you may want to explore other options including at home exercise videos. Turn your living room into a gym this fall and stay fit without having to step out into the cold.


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