August 26, 2012

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Silly Monster Sale + free shipping!!!

Silly Monster Sale on Tanga!!!

"Knockout Ned" Scare-Me-Not Plush Monster Doll (Travel Size)
If your bedroom has too many monsters to count, better get Ned! $5.99 + free shipping

With one swing of his big red boxing glove, “Knockout Ned” loves nothing more than bopping bedtime scaries out the door so you feel safe and secure. If you need one guy to get the job done, “Knockout Ned” is ready to jump into the ring!

"Watchdog Wally" Scare-Me-Not Plush Monster Doll
He knows what monsters smell like!  $8.99 + free shipping

If you’re looking for the best detective around, “Watchdog Wally” is your monster. Ready to track down clues with his enormous nose, Wally can smell bedtime scaries in the craziest places. Under the blankets, behind the dresser or even in your sock drawer, Wally wants to chase away your worries so you can sleep

"Valiant Valarie" Scare-Me-Not Plush Monster Doll (Travel Size)
She can crawl into secret places only monsters can hide!  $5.99 + free shipping

She’s the cutest Scare-Me-Not in monster chasing. So cute, your bedtime scaries will want to adopt her. But don’t be fooled, “Valiant Valerie” is a trained professional. She will take down any nighttime monster before you can say “diaper change!”

"Guardian Gus" Scare-Me-Not Plush Monster Doll
Meet the guy who can spot monsters with one hand!   $8.99 + free shipping

With an eye on each palm, “Guardian Gus” can find bedtime scaries almost anywhere. If you have monsters hiding around corners, under the door or wedged in secret places Mom & Dad can’t see, “Guardian Gus” is the Scare-Me-Not for the job!


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