April 26, 2012

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5K Fun Run here I come #BlogHer12

BlogHer '12 

In a couple months I will be attending my first blogging conference ever! I started this little blog in 2009 to share deals and such with my friends and it has expanded so much over the years.   Well the kids will be with grandparents and hubby will be making the trip with me to NYC.   Last week we received an email that there would be a 5K Fun Run for all of us bloggers!  It intrigued me and I thought long about it.

I used to run all the time with hubby while in college and after we got married.  I stopped running once I found out I was pregnant in 2004. Unfortunately we lost that baby and in 2005 I was pregnant again.  Nine months after my daughter was born, I was pregnant again with my son.  Working full time and two kids, running just did not fit into my schedule.  Well a month ago work handed out pedometers to all employees as a wellness initiative (there are prizes too if we hit a certain amount of steps too).

According to the paperwork handed out by work, doctors say that people should walk at least 10,000 steps a day to improve their health. The challenge encourages you to use the stairs in lieu of the elevator during working hours. Also, by adding a few steps a day into your daily work routine you can increase the amount of physical activity you get each day as well as improve your overall health and well-being. 

My first couple days tracking my steps, I was ashamed that I was not even close to the 10,000.  So I made some changes, parked farther away, take the long way to the restroom, etc.  I have also taken up walking every night!  I am now averaging 16-20,000 steps a day!!!  Well this week I started back running!!!   Tonight I did just about a mile!  So guess what my goal is now?  I am signed up for the 5K Fun Run in NYC this summer!!!  I think I need to make a t-shirt that represents OMSM and it being my first 5K!!!  Anyone have any good ideas, creative ideas for a shirt?

Oh did I mention this run will be at 6am... hmmmm..... can one run with a Starbucks in hand?


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