February 17, 2012

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Even dogs get the flu!

With winter in full swing, you are likely gearing up for cold and flu season Although the human flu season has been quiet so far, the same isn’t true for the family dog.  Yes, dogs get the flu too, but there’s a flu shot!

Dog flu is just as real as human flu, and its extremely contagious - nearly 100% of dogs who are newly exposed to dog flu will contract the disease.  So, if parents are taking the time to protect their families from the flu, it is equally important to get their four-legged family members vaccinated too.
ABC World News recently covered dog flu and recent outbreaks (fast forward to 16:53): http://www.hulu.com/watch/301001/abc-world-news-with-diane-sawyer-wed-nov-16-2011#x-0,vepisode,1,0

It stars “Mutt Damon” who recently recovered from dog flu! Keep the whole family healthy this flu season, including Fluffy and Fido.


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