January 12, 2012

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Zeiss Lenses offers free educational tools to help you undertand eye care

Every eye is just as unique as a fingerprint. More than any other sensory organ, our eyes allow us to experience and perceive our environment. Carl Zeiss Vision understands the importance of taking individuality into account when rendering consulting and diagnostic services to people who wear glasses and of course, when producing lenses for them.
Oh how times have changed!   I have always wore glasses or contacts!   Growing up the glasses took up half my face!  I am so thankful times have changed, looking back at those pictures make me laugh!

Now that I don't have to have my parent's pick out my glasses and crazy rose tinted lenses, I want to make sure I know everything I need to about purchasing lenses.  Most important is keeping up on your eye care and seeing your eye doctor once a year!  The right eye doctor can help you find the right lenses for your lifestyle,  the best lenses to correct your vision problems and the perfect frames(no more glasses taking up your face)!

Recently, I was told about Zeiss Vision, they have a great website that has education tools  that not only helps you select the best possible frames for you, but it is a full of other great info!

Zeiss educational tools are divided into 4 links:
  1. Facts to Know about Vision and LensesGreat information that helps you learn the difference between an Optometrist, an Ophthalmologist, and an Optician.   I learned all about when children should have their first eye exam and how often both children and adults should visit the eye doctor. Heck I did not know that it is recommended to have eye exams every two years!   I go every year!
  2. Tips for Selecting an Eye DoctorChoosing an eye doctor to maintain a lifetime of good vision is an important health decision.  This section will help you understand all the factors  you have to look at to select the right doctor!
  3. Questions to Ask at Your Next Eye AppointmentGoing to the eye doctor should not be a one-way conversation.  This section of the website is filled with important questions that you  should be asking and getting the answers to!
  4. Facts to Know about Age-Related Vision Changes After age 40, maintaining sharp vision can help us continue to see and experience life to the fullest.   I still have a few years till I hit 40, but it is always good to know what could happen!
I just got a postcard in the mail reminding me that it is time for my eye exam as well as my daughter!  Well now I am going to prepare myself by reading the Zeiss educational tools and have any questions ready that I may have!

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