December 14, 2011

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Smallville: The Complete 10th Season & The Complete Series

Smallville: The Complete 10th Season & The Complete Series are perfect for any Smallville fans, DC Comic fans, Superman fans, etc.   With them both being released right before the holidays, these would make the perfect holiday gift!

The series that redefines the origins of the world's greatest hero reaches its powerful conclusion with more revelations, more fascinating characters from DC Comics and a mind-blowing, spirit-lifting finale that is everything fans could want! In this 22-episode
Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD, super heroes emerge from the shadows, only to be driven underground by a public that labels them vigilantes. At the same time, otherworld forces of darkness gather, presenting Clark Kent with the greatest challenge of his young life. The world he calls home and the people he loves - including Lois Lane, who now shares his secret and his life - need a champion. They shall have one. Don't miss all the hopes, heartaches and heroics of a final season to remember. They will lift you up, up and away.

Smallville: The Complete Series DVD  has all 218 episodes with over 28 hours of special features, never-before-seen features and production art and an Exclusive Daily Planet newspaper written by DC Comics!

If there were to be another episode or another season, I would love for it to be in the future.  Showing the  trials and tribulations of a Super Hero and how he handles married life!  Heck even a little spawn of Clark would be a great affect.  Does the baby have powers, or is he a normal human?  Revisiting his home town of Smallville and seeing the changes over time, no longer is it a small farming community!  There are so many ways on could go with an special episode or season!  But personally, Smallville was all about Clark becoming Superman and he did just that.   We could do a bunch of what-ifs, but the writers nailed this final season!

 "I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Smallville.'"


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